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Excellent cuisine, atmospheric interiors, home atmosphere and friendly service – These are just some of the terms characterizing our restaurant. Each gourmet can be sure that they will carres their palates here, because one who tastes our specialties once, will surely visit us again.

restauracja 007Lamb knuckle stewed in Polish vegetables, homemade Russian dumplings (filled with potateoes and cottage cheese ) with stir-fried onions, Moscow borscht, pickled herring in cream – these and many other delicacies can be found in the Tatiana restaurant. We serve traditional Polish cuisine with touches of European cuisine, full of unusual flavors and smells. Each visitor will leave our restaurant smiling and full of positive culinary experiences.

Our specialties are carefully prepared with unusual care from the heart. We put a lot of effort and toil, so that you could feel outstandingly and above averagely. We use only fresh, seasonal ingredients to our dishes and that allows our quests to enjoy the wide range of our culinary possibilities. Qualified staff and remarkable chef will duly satisfy your tastes. The dishes served by us are prepared from fresh ingredients , which may slightly lengthen the waiting time. In the end it is worthwhile to arm yourself with a moment of patience in order to sense the pleasant aroma and the amazing taste of traditional Polish cuisine with a hint of European cuisine and appreciate artistry of their preparation.

restauracja 067DDomestic and idyllic decor makes you feel that the Tatiana Restaurant is perfect place to meet in smaller or larger family circle at lunch time. It is also a convenient place to hold events. Couples in love may also find something for themselves – moodiness and magical aura will let them spend romantic moments by candlelight during a feast of flavors. Our place is ideal also for conducting business meetings.


0The charm of this place and its taste will definitely not leave you indifferent. We hope that the restaurant Tatiana will remain in your memory for long and become the mandatory place that you will visit with alacrity. We promise that those who taste our specialties one time, they will not regret and will come back to us for another nice meeting with an exquisite culinary art. podpis

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Restauracja Tatiana
ul. Staromiejska 5
40-013 Katowice

+48 32 203 74 13
+48 602 499 830
+48 662 146 919

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