Fried corn chicken breast with unroasted buckwheat, seasonal vegetables 

served on sweet potatoes purée

31,00 PLN

Pork chop with bone, roasted potatoes and salad of the green cucumbers

36,00 PLN

Silesian beef roulade served with dumplings and stewed red cabbage

43,00 PLN

Fried duck fillet served on sweet potatoes and peaches puree with young beetroot,

roasted onions and sauce demi glace with the bison grass

52,00 PLN

Braised pork ribs with young sugar cabbage, „rosti” potatoes and marinated shallots

49,00 PLN

Beef tenderloin steak      79,00 PLN

Beef striplion seasoned      58,00 PLN

served with confited potatoes in beef lard, roasted vegetables,

young lettuce leaves and truffle butter

Veal chops served on roasted onion puree with  breadcrumbs potatoes,

kale and seasonal vegetables

 59,00 PLN

Fried redfish sirloin served on mashed potato with roasted butter,

seasonal vegetables and leek sauce

46,00 PLN 

Homemade dumplings with the goat cheese, lovage oil and marinated beetroot

24,00 PLN 


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